Ecommerce Server Types and Specifications


Services such as GoDaddy do not have enough bandwidth speed required for communicating between the SQL database and website. Using a dedicated ecommerce server will give the best results.


Options for Hosting Ecommerce

o   Virtual instance capability is included with Microsoft 2012 R2 and newer.

o   Local Network Server -> <- Cloud Server -> <- VM ecommerce.

o   This option gives you data redundancy in addition to the ecommerce hosting.

o   Requires the purchase of SQL Server Data Replication from INxSQL.


Ecommerce Server Specifications

These specs are based on a server with the sole purpose of managing ecommerce. They are intended as a baseline for using ecommerce. Additional hardware may be required for high traffic sites.



*Server requirements vary depending on the needs of the business and its operations. We recommend the design have the ability to scale and resource monitoring implemented.

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